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IIPC Featured Member

Earlier this month we had the privilege of being selected as the featured member for the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) a group we elected to join last year to help with the continuiing development of our web archiving practice here at NLS.

The IIPC was founded in 2003 by a consortium of National Libraries who had all acknowledged the importance of preserving the Internet for future generations. Its so far done a great deal in terms of supporting the development of tools and standards for use in the world of web archving. We’ve had little active participation to date as we are still in the very early stages of our archiving, but hope to do a lot more in the coming years.

This is our entry;

The National Library of Scotland (NLS)

National Library of Scotland

The National Library of Scotland (NLS) is the Legal Deposit library for Scotland, and one of five in the UK. The 2003 Legal Deposit Act paved the way for the deposit of digital material in the UK, with regulation covering web archiving scheduled in the next couple of years. NLS first began web archiving in 1999 for the Scottish Parliamentary elections—the first in almost 300 years. NLS is also a founding member of the UK Web Archiving Consortium (UKWAC), which was set up in 2003 to test the feasibility of selective web archiving in the UK and resulted in a publicly available UK web archive. Building on the success of the project, partners are developing new models for web archiving in the UK, and as part of the development of the Library’s Trusted Digital Repository (TDR), NLS implemented the Danish Netarchive Suite early in 2008. Content collected here will continue to form part of the UK web archive. NLS is exploring with partners different approaches to bringing distributed web archives together, as well as providing more granular access to collections and content, and is also implementing a number of tools to assist in the management, preservation and discovery of its web archive and other digital collections. For more information, visit:


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