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Open Repositories 2008 (Day 1)

Well, we survived day one of the conference (just) and so far its been of mixed interest, but some useful stuff has come out of the presentations and certainly will be of value to us in the continued construction of the Hosted Repository Service.

Primary discussion amongst the NLS delegates has been the need to provide a third interface for the ‘power users’ of the repository service that will allow them to manage and rapidly update information on research works, without having to continually update the same metadata and supporting info every time they submit a change. We’ve been mapping out a solution as to how we could best approach this, and I think that the additional lubrication of the black stuff is making us think outside of the box. All good stuff.

I also get the feeling that a lot of the repository development fraternity here has now realised that as their applications are becoming more mature, they can no longer assume that they know what the users want in the design process, but that they must now consult extensively with the community to complete the next generation of services. I believe this is where we have a head start – but the race is now on!

We’ve seen lots of interesting UI enhancements and info about web2.0 and social networking pretty much all based around tagging and commenting, but still very little about the long term preservation of content (and associated content such as the tags and comments)

I’ve also been a little disappointed about the lack of real information on long term sustainability of repositories from a organisational perspective. Perhaps there simply isn’t enough clear empirical evidence to date.

Still best presentation award of the day goes to the 3rd Year undergrad (Patrick McSweeny) who gamely took to the stand when we had a bit of extra time at the end of one session to present his coverflow iphone type interface for browsing content in Eprints. He presented with conviction and impressed the few hundred folk watching. I don’t have a link to a demo of his installation, but will try to get it up here soon.

More about day 2 later……..



One Response

  1. hi

    my name is actually patrick mcsweeney and im very glad you liked the presentation. the link i showed is this one (below) but this is not the most upto date version of the system.


    it is also now set up on the or08 eprints repo altho that is an even less uptodate version which is very ugly. i shall update both at some point next week i hope.

    thankyou for your interest


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