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Google Friday ?

In our Digital Library team we have folks with lots of experience in different areas but due to the pressure of our day-to-day work it can be difficult for us to find time to get together to brainstorm and explore ideas for development. Well, when Tony and I visited the Statsbiblioteket in Århus last month Birte and Hans explained their approach to facilitate this for their team. It’s called Google Friday and every Friday is Google Friday.

On Google Friday team members are encouraged to set aside their normal day-to-day work and instead playwith technologies that interest them and may have a use in the Library. It’s a very interesting approach to development and leads to high motivation within the team to explore and innovate. Birte and Hans explained that everyone looks forward to Google Friday as they enjoy the opportunity to be be creative, test new ideas, mix with colleagues in the team that they may not normally work with and try things that might fail but doing so in a comfortable, unpressured environment. Some of the developments that come from Google Friday are implemented, others are after discussion are set aside but in the knowledge that something was learned from the experience and work.


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  1. That is a very marvelous idea and I for one would love to be given the time to sit down with my team on a Friday and delve into some of the web technologies we happily skip by during our week due to time constraints. Might bring up with the boss!

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