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Broadcasting to the world ….

… not quite, but almost.

The Library has a three month trial of the online meeting / web conferencing application WebEx and this week I hosted a training session using the software. In our Causewayside building 6 eager trainees sat in front of their PCs and me, awaiting my not-so-wise-words while up the road in our Lawnmarket building (2 miles away) sat another two trainees (I couldn’t tell if they were eager or not coz I couldn’t see them!) with their PC and a conference phone.

Using WebEx I was able to share my desktop with our colleagues in the Lawnmarket and interact with them and the rest of the class via the conference phones. It was really easy to do and everyone agreed that it seemed to work well. I think the whole experience would be further enhanced if we had webcams / video cameras and audio recording equipment so we could all see each other and record the sessions so they could be re-run at other times.Using Webex for reporting workshops

I’m sure this kind of setup has potential in other areas for example broadcasting & recording the Library’s All staff meetings, interacting with colleagues in other libraries in Scotland or anywhere else in the world, discussing application development without all having to get together around the table.


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  1. WebEx supports recording. Just go to Meeting->Start Recording. If you record on the server (network based recording), no hardware is required, all session content will be captured.

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