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Summat about Summa

Tony and I recently visited Birte and Hans at the Statsbiblioteket in Århus, Denmark to learn more about their open source resource discovery tool, Summa, that they are currently developing and using.

Due to issues with their existing OPAC, the team decided in 2006 to explore development of a new searching system and what they’ve come up with is pretty cool!  Using the open source information retrieval library Lucene and Java they are delivering an integrated, speedy, content rich solution to their readers and staff which includes faceted searching, sophisticated and flexible relevance ranking, book covers, real time availability and materials ordering.  The team are planning to release their software to the open source community in early 2008 and are working hard on tidying the code and exploring additional functionality such as deduplication / FRBRization.

More about Summa ….


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  1. […] to find time to get together to brainstorm and explore ideas for development. Well, when Tony and I visited the Statsbiblioteket in Århus last month Birte and Hans explained their approach to facilitate this for their team. […]

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