Fiddling with Flickr

The other week Andrew and I were chatting about simple steps to offer our customers more access to the Library’s content. The Library already has a great website (we know it’s great coz it’s won awards 😉 ) that promotes the collections and services but we thought we should try a little experiment to offer up our content to our customers where they are, rather than expect them to come to the Library or the Library’s website. Scotland’s secret war

So we trawled our network and found some nice photos for Flickr and spoke with Ann at the Scottish Screen Archive and she gave us some great clips for YouTube.

Then we had a meeting with David, Karen and Simon to discuss if the Library should consider using these sites. I think all were in agreement that Flickr and YouTube were useful tools and, as part of a more controlled experiment, we’ll add more photos, clips and information prior to, and during, one of our forthcoming exhibitions. We also discussed Facebook and thought it might be a useful means of further promoting the Library’s events and exhibitions beyond our usual mechanisms.


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  1. Hey Gill – on a related note, it looks like NZ have being doing something similar – see

    It would be interesting to find out if they have had any problems/success. I found this posted on an NZ blog site. Details to follow


  2. Hi there

    The National Library of NZ has been experimenting with making some of our digitised collection items available on Flickr, as you can see at the link above. We were dipping our toes in the water, and so far have been really happy with the visits the images have been getting.

    We also used Flickr to run a campaign at NZ’s annual conference for the library profession – Virginia, who masterminded the campaign, blogged about it here:

    cheers, Courtney

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