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23 Things

This was probably my favourite presentation of the conference – and sounds like fun too! It was presented by Helene Blowers and is basically a training exercise that was designed to motivate and train ‘normal’ users of the library community into some of the more interesting facets of web 2.0. By all accounts it was very successful and we saw a number of examples of adaptations by other libraries across many countries. Its something that I certainly think we should examine in a bit more detail. It clearly had an impact on me as I’m now doing this!!!Here’s the link to the blog/wiki that tells you most about it – and I’ve embedded the slides from the conference into the post as well so you can see for yourself.Also – it now means I’ve discovered slideshare, which could be a great backup in times of need!



2 Responses

  1. Hi There,

    So glad your enjoyed the presentation. It was difficult to cover what I usually do in 45 minutes into only 20. But I’m pleased you enjoyed the conference and also that made the exec. decision and set-up this blog for your institution.

    Best to you – Helene

  2. Hi Helene – thanks for the comment, we’ve already a groundswell of interest in this blog and I’ve had to send out 3 user invites on request to contribute. I just hope we can build the momentum.


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